Online small group tuition

reading, spelling & writing

specialist tuition

45 minutes

(payable in half termly blocks)

Year 6 - maintaining confidence for SATS

Mondays 4.15 - 5.00 

One of the many problems with the year 6 SATS is that children feel that they could 'fail'.   It just shouldn't be so as all 'we' can ask at this age is that children do their very best. 

The aims of this group is to maintain student confidence by working on some core skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar; adjectives, verbs and all that goes with them!  

Limited number of students 

Primary age - spelling, punctuation & sentences

For those children that are finding it tricky to master the basic skills for spelling and sentence writing.   

phonics - word spelling

reading & spelling tricky words

capital letters

full stops

sentence writing

Primary age - reading & comprehension skills

For those children that are finding it tricky to master the skill of reading.

phonics - word reading 

reading tricky words

reading for meaning

answering questions

prediction and inference skills

benefits of online group tuition

more flexible


convenient for parent and student

emotionally safe environment


I recognise how difficult it is for older students  to

attend literacy intervention and so one of my

priorities is to make their time with me an

'emotionally safe environment', free from

embarrassment and judgement.