Online small group tuition and support

specialist tuition & support groups

limited number of students

          Year 6 - English - maintaining confidence

      Mondays 5.00pm

For those specific year 6 students that are finding English and SPaG concepts challenging, and need them revisiting.  With the anticipation of year 6 SATS, children often become anxious due to what they feel is expected of them. It is so important for every student to feel they have done their best; whatever best means to them as an individual. 

The aims of this group is to maintain student confidence by working on some of the core basic skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar; adjectives, verbs and all that goes with them.  

45 minutes - £20

   Primary - Reading Fluency

Mondays 4.00pm

For those that are finding it tricky to become fluent readers or who have a specific learning difficulty (dyslexia).

Includes revisiting phonics for word reading, tricky words reading, comprehension, prediction and inference skills.

30 minutes - £15 

         Primary - Spelling & Sentence Writing

         Thursdays 4.00pm 

For those that are finding it tricky to master spelling and sentence writing.   

Includes revisiting phonics - word spelling,  spelling tricky words, using capital letters and full stops, sentence writing.

30 minutes - £15 

         Years 7, 8 & 9 - creative time to 'be'

girls group

For those young people that are struggling with attending school, these online small groups create some valuable, quality time for the girls to be with others in a low-demand, safe environment.  The aims of the groups are to reduce the feeling of being isolated from peers while having no, or limited, time at school; to support improvement in confidence, self esteem and self worth; to share; to learn some coping strategies when dealing with anxiety and specific challenges; and importantly to feel valued and to just be. 

The groups are also suitable for those that are flexi-schooling.

45 minutes - £20

I recognise how difficult it is for older students to attend literacy intervention or a support group, and so one of my priorities is to make their time with me an 'emotionally safe environment', free from any judgement.

Benefits of online 

flexible & sociable

in comfort of student's own home

convenient for parents & carers

emotionally safe environment

less expensive than individual tuition