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School-Led Tutoring

With the extension of the National Tutoring Programme schools and academy trusts can access tutoring via three routes: Tuition Partners, Academic Mentors, and School-Led Tutoring. The National Tutoring Programme is to provide catch up support to students as a result of the pandemic. 

Working in a small group, or one to one, provides children and young people an opportunity to make greater progress in a subject they find difficult. It gives children the space to ask questions, revisit concepts, and receive additional help without the confines of the classroom; enabling them to gain confidence in order to move forward in their learning. 

AJC Tutoring is pleased to offer the opportunity for schools and academy trusts to access literacy / English tuition using the new School-Led Tutoring route.  

Eligible schools and academy trusts will be given a grant for this academic year (2021/22) which is specifically to be used on tuition by a trained educator. Funding will, this year, cover 75% of the costs of tutoring required (view government guidance for more details). 

The offered grant can only be spent on School-Led Tutoring and cannot be applied to any other route of the National Tutoring Programme or any other support in place for a student. One important point here is that if the grant is not used then the government will recover the full, or part, amount at the end of the academic year. 

With tutoring experience of over 12 years, AJC Tutoring has extensive experience of helping children and young people that require a bit of extra support outside of the classroom. 

Tuition is available (as recommended by the NTP) on a 1 :1, 1 :2 and 1 :3 basis with pricing for 1 :3 with Amanda being £54/hour (school cost 25% = £13.50). Please get in touch for other pricing.   

Please view government guidance for further information on funding for the School-Led Tutoring programme.

Please get in touch to find out more on 07837 666882. 

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