Experienced, highly qualified tutor

      & young persons practitioner


      Reading & dyslexia specialist

      SEND advisor                                                                       meeting the child's specific needs

"I have extensive knowledge and experience

in supporting specific learning needs and

create an environment to enable my students

to achieve their potential."

                                                                 Amanda Cremona 

Specialist academic and emotional support

for children and young people ages 4-18.

Providing support to children and young people with specific or complex needs in order to increase their confidence, improve on their self-esteem and engage with their learning - particularly when they are finding the school environment challenging.

One-to-one and small group tuition and support that will make a difference.

I'm an advocate of the importance of young people learning about their strengths, as well as their challenges, as this can help to inform the way forward.  It enables consideration about what strategies work best for them as an individual in order to assist their learning.    When a young person is struggling it is imperative that everyone is working together and are fully knowledgeable of the young person's voice, specific needs and background.  Often it is about looking at the bigger picture and connecting the dots for everyone. 

Literacy and English 

SEN - dyslexia, ADHD, autism, dyspraxia

Behaviour challenges that communicate a need

SEMH & high anxiety

Looked after children   

Language & communication difficulties

For children and young people

tuition, mentoring and advocating for their individual needs  

For parents

empowering and advocating when feeling unclear or confused by the education system

For schools

supporting pastoral and SEN teams, and providing interventions     


phone or text on 07837 666882

Literacy Tuition

reading & comprehension

spelling, punctuation, writing


listening & concentration

language expansion

communication difficulties

“Amanda is very engaging with the children. Very patient and professional. Provides excellent lesson structure and always made lessons fun. Amanda, always thinks of your child and how to bring the best out of them. I would highly recommend  AJC Tutoring.” 

Mrs J

"Amanda has been amazing working with my 14 year old.....she has delivered some video chat lessons and has been really patient with my unwilling son who is not interested in doing any school work. Her skills for dealing with his Verbal Processing Dyslexia have been brilliant..."

Mrs M

“Amanda was extremely

helpful, not just for our boys but us as well. Explaining what was needed and finding different ways in which the boys could learn. Was all the extra work worth it? Absolutely!

Both boys were successful in their assessments and Amanda can take a lot of credit for their success."

Mr & Mrs S

Is your child struggling to keep up with their learning?

Have you concerns about their progress?

Has school the resources to meet their needs? 

Would they benefit from some individual or small group support?

If so, please do get in touch for an informal chat about how I can help.