One-to-One Tuition

I have a varied tutor schedule throughout the week and so please initially contact me for availability.

If you've decided I might be the tutor for you....

I would be pleased to meet with you and your child for an informal online chat should you wish, prior to starting individual lessons.  It's important that the relationship between myself, you, and your child is strong so they gain the best from their time with me.

The first lesson will be an assessment of needs in order to plan the learning programme going forward. It will also be an opportunity for your child to really express their own thoughts as to what they feel I can do to support their learning.

One of the fundamental benefits of individual tuition is that it enables the child to feel 'emotionally safe' so they can be open about what they're finding hard in their learning. By receiving targeted support to meet individual needs, their self-esteem and confidence increase which then feeds into other elements of their learning and well being. 

Learning will be fun, using a variety of multisensory learning strategies and activities in order to support memory and recall of information; very often a difficulty for students that are finding learning tricky. 


Lessons are between 45-60 minutes depending on the age and focus ability of the student.  Lessons are planned so that the learning is individualised to the student's specific needs. 

One-to-one sessions are £36 for 45 minutes /  £45 per hour which includes a half-termly parent consultation. 

I provide an advocacy service in order to empower and support parents with the school system at £25 per half hour. 

Please feel free to call me if you're unsure if individual tuition is right for your child and you would like to chat further.


Literacy is one of the most important skills a child learns during their school journey. When a child struggles to adequately obtain these skills it causes no end of challenges.  It's why the correct intervention is so crucial for their ongoing achievement, self-esteem and success.

Effective literacy skills are fundamental to a child's learning as they open the door to everything else within their school learning journey. Way up on top of the priority list is reading.   When children start they learn to read, then once that skill is mastered they read to learn.

With my many years of experience teaching reading to those with learning difficulties and dyslexia, I haven't yet met a child that hasn't improved and gained confidence in their ability, once they receive the right intervention. It might be small steps of progress at a time depending on the child's difficulty, but those small steps add up and the results can literally be life changing.

Without question, every child

should be given that chance.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

--- Dr Seuss